Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Free Book-Marks For You!

I have always admired the vintage-faded-weathered Coke products of days gone by, but especially the hand-painted signs that you can still find occasionally in the small towns of our great country. With that in mind-I created these free printable bookmarks for you to download!
First I created the acrylic washed backgrounds-(see my art studio blog-link is in the sidebar for a tutorial about painting your own fabulous backgrounds!) Then I created a Book-Mark template in my digital software-using this scanned background as an overlay and added the awesome Coke advertisement, which is the perfect color for this background. If you print these out on 110lb. cardstock-cut them out, use a glue stick to glue them back to back-punch a hole at the top and add some ribbon-you will have 3 book-marks to share with your friends. Or-you can simply cut them out-punch a hole at the top-add ribbon and write a message to your friend on the back! Enjoy! :-D Cindy


sweetcheeks said...

Very cute. Thank you for your generosity with your creations.

Diane said...

cute, love it(them?)