Friday, December 18, 2009

New Background Doesn't Fit-Oh No!

Here is my newest background! LOL! I spent hours creating it, only to have it not fit. It's the same size as the one that is currently posted-wonder what I did wrong?? Oh well, I have decided to use this background I created as a jumping off point to create some new and wonderful background papers for yet another new kit! A perfect solution to a perplexing problem. :-D


Vicki Holdwick said...


I love it. When you say it is the same size as the current one - do you mean dimensions? resolution? file size?

I'm not sure if one or more of these being different would make a difference.

Looks sorta "steampunk" doesn't it?


Cynthia Powell said...

I meant the dimensions are the same as is the res. Using a pixel layout of 1625 x 1100 for each, but when posted-they do not post the same. The new background does not fill the space as this current one does. It does have a sort of steampunk feel to it, but I was after a whimsical, magical feel. :-D

Nancy said...

I've emailed you privately, which should sort it all out. Shout if you need more help.

LOVE the background!